Set Free Bible Journal Printable

Hello creative friends, it’s new printable day! The focus this month is all about being set free and more specifically walking into that freedom. As I have been studying this topic I have found that sometimes our prison doors are wide open but fear keeps us there. Other times, I noticed that we are so comfortable in our prison that we don’t even know we’re there. The worse discovery was to realize that sometimes we beautify our prison and convince ourselves that it’s a great place to be!

I read once about how baby elephants are trained for the circus. When they are young, a rope is tied around their neck and secured to a pole. As the baby elephant tries to walk away, it is held back by the rope.  It tries different ways to escape but it is not able. This is done over and over until the elephant gives up trying. After that, only the rope around their neck is needed to keep them in place. Although the elephant is technically free, it has submitted itself to the perceived bondage. It doesn’t have any knowledge of the power it has.

Imagine being so accustomed to living in a prison that the mere allusion of it kept you there? Sounds pretty crazy but I know I’ve been there!

Isaiah 52:11 says “Get out, get out, and leave your captivity.” We cannot expect to be free if we insist on staying in our prison. Freedom is on the other side of those bars….and may I suggest far far away form those bars. Hanging around your prison is almost a sure way to end back in there. That is not where true freedom is found.

Has Jesus set you free of something lately? Has He opened a prison door for you? Have you walked out into freedom? Have you walked away from the prison?

Get out from there!

I am praying for you today. I’m praying that if you are wanting freedom in your life, that you would give Jesus permission to begin the work. If you’re sitting in prison and the door is wide open, I pray you will have the courage to walk out. If you’re out of prison but still hanging around, I pray you will walk away from it for good. Most of all, I pray that the truth of Jesus Christ will set you free and you will be free indeed!!

Feel free to comment on how I can be praying for you in the area of freedom.

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